District 1

Willis R. Keene, Jr. is currently employed as Vice President of Citizens State Bank since December 2005. Mr. Keene oversees the Kingsland and St. Marys, Georgia, as well as the Fernandina Beach, Florida branches.

In 2009, Mr. Keene was elected to serve as Commissioner for District 1 in Camden County. Currently, he is serving his second term as elected Commissioner. He served as the Board’s Vice-Chairman from the year 2011 to 2012, and Chairman in the year 2013.

In addition to his service as an elected official Mr. Keene is also an appointed member of the Camden County Solid Waste Authority. He formerly served as an appointed member on the Camden County Public Service Authority, Camden County Board of Health, and the Coastal Regional Commission.

Mr. Keene graduated from Georgia Southern University, College of Business Administration, with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance. He went on to earn his Master of Business Administration and Management from Nova Southeastern University. Additionally, he is a graduate of the University of Colorado, School of Banking, and is a Certified County Commissioner from the Carl Vinson Institute of Government.