HOPE Committee

The Camden County Government HOPE Committee is comprised of employees of the Camden County Board of Commissioners with support from its Constitutional Offices. Our purpose is to actively make a difference by supporting local community and charitable events in Camden County.

Current Fundraisers
  • Katie Bishop – General Government, Chair
  • Mike Fender - Finance & Budget
  • Keri Moreland – Finance & Budget
  • Lisa Boyett - Fire Rescue
  • John Christian - Fire Rescue
  • Stephen Murdock - Fire Rescue
  • Stuart Sullivan - Fire Rescue
  • Beth Soles - Tax Commissioner
  • Bobbi Jo Tyler - Tax Commissioner
  • Staci Bowick - Support Services
  • Audrey Mitchell - Human Resources
  • Brianna Turner - Sheriff's Office
  • Judy Pratt - Tax Assessor's Office
We Need You
If you are interested in participating in any of the fundraising events, please contact Katie Bishop at 912-576-5651.