Curbside Collection

Curbside Collection is committed to maintaining cleanliness in Camden County. All occupied residential properties in the unincorporated area of Camden County must be provided with curbside services, according to the Curbside Collection Ordinance. If you would like to add or remove service, please see the link to the left called "Applications and Forms."

It is easier than ever to pay your Curbside bill because we now accept online electronic payments! You can log in from the comfort of your own home computer or mobile phone and make a payment to your account by clicking here. Auto Bank Draft is still an option and that form can be downloaded here or you are welcome to stop by the office.

Billing Schedule

 Billing Date Due Date
 Service Period
October 2 November 3 October-December 2015
January 5 February 6  January-March 2016
April 4 May 5 April-June 2016
July 6 August 8 July-September 2016
October 4 November 5  October-December 2016 

You can contact the Camden County Curbside Collection office for the following:
  • Collection Schedules (service will only be modified Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years)
  • Reporting missed pick ups
  • Information regarding limitations of collection
  • Requests for extra pick ups
  • Requests for cart replacement due to damage through normal use
  • Requests for new service or changes in existing service
  • Requests to discontinue service when moving
  • Account information