After Landfall

After a Storm Makes Landfall
Never Go Barefoot
Storm debris will be everywhere. Broken glass in grass and in water cannot be seen easily. Flood waters may be contaminated.

Never Go Out During the Eye of the Storm
Hurricanes can appear calm in the center or eye. A change in wind speed and direction can occur suddenly with devastating results.

Never Leave Candles or Oil Lamps Unattended
Try to avoid using any type of open flames for light or heat.

Never Operate Outdoor Grills Indoors
Grills produce carbon monoxide to can cause death in enclosed areas.

Things You Should Do
  • Be extremely cautious with pets that have experienced storm conditions. They may be stressed.
  • Check on family, friends and neighbors.
  • Monitor local news for information.
  • Take pictures of damages; notify insurance company, landlord or property owner as soon as possible.
  • Watch out for wild animals that may be displaced.
Offer Assistance
Be patient and considerate with family, neighbors and government employees. Surviving a storm is traumatic for everyone.  Lend a helping hand when and where you can. The important thing to remember after a storm is to be thankful that you survived.