Voter Registration

The Registrar's Office is responsible for:
  • Registering qualified citizens to vote.
  • Maintaining all voter records.
  • Providing verification of voters and voter information.
  • Assigning voters to appropriate Districts and Precincts.
  • Assisting with the training of Poll Officers.
  • Expediting all Absentee Voting.

Registration Information

In order to obtain:
  • Your Voter Status 
  •  Register to Vote
  •  Update your current information
  • View the Polling Place Addresses
Please go online to, Sign in with your name, county, and date of birth.
The Voter Registrar's office is not responsible for keeping your information up-to-date. If a voter's information changes the voter is responsible for contacting the Voter Registrar's office and submitting those changes in writing, on a signed, state approved form (precinct cards, information update card or registration forms). This form can be found online at

In order to make sure your right to vote is protected, a voter may receive mail from the Voter Registrar's office.  It is extremely important to respond!  

Absentee & Early Voting
Absentee & early voting can be obtained by signing in to

To obtain an absentee ballot for any election, please fill out the Absentee Ballot Request Form and return it to the Voter Registrar's office. The Voter Registrar's office will mail ballots as soon as they are available to those that qualify to vote in the election.

Voters are asked to sign the request form, include your Full Name, Date of Birth, Current Phone Number, Street Address and Mailing Address (if different from your street address). An incomplete form can cause delay's in processing a voters request and getting a ballot to you.

The completed Absentee Request Form can be faxed, mailed, or scanned and attached to an email to be returned to our office.

Please Note:
  • Completed Absentee Ballots can be returned to our office in 2 ways, mail or in-person delivery.
  • If voter cannot deliver their ballot to the Voter Registrar's office in person, please consider the mail as another next option.
  • Please do not attempt to Email or Fax ballot to the Voter Registrar's office.
Office Closures
The Registrars Office will be closed for the following dates: 

  • May 30, 2016 Memorial Day
  • July 4, 2016- Independence Day
  • September 5, 2016- Labor Day
  • October 10, 2016 - Columbus Day
  • November 11, 2016 - Veterans Day
  • November 24-25, 2016 - Thanksgiving
  • December 23, 26-27, 2016 - Christmas
            MAY 2016 RACE RESULTS

   NONPARTISAN CONTESTED RACE                                    RESULTS

Board of Education District 1

Jason Chance- 51.29%, 542 votes*
Terry Mack Sr.- 47.89%, 500 votes
*Chance earned 50% plus 1 vote, so there will not be a runoff.

Board of Education District 5

Mark Giddens- 48.31%, 343 votes*
Ronnie Wise- 32.39%, 230 votes
Farran Fullilove- 18.87%, 134 votes
*No one took 50% of the votes, meaning there will be a runoff election July 26th between Giddens and Wise.

Superior Court Judge

Bert Guy- 52.51%, 11,897 votes
Richard Taylor- 47.49%, 10,761 votes


Board of Commissioners District 1- 
Lannie Brant- 50.66%, 306 votes*
Randy Gunter- 25.33%, 153 votes
Charles Clark- 24.01%, 145 votes
*Brant earned 50% plus 1 vote, so there will not be a runoff. Brant will face Glover in November.
Donald Glover Jr.- 423 votes

Board of Commissioners District 5
Ben Casey- 63.07%, 333 votes
Richard Brown- 36.93%, 195 votes
Ruben Gomez- 89 votes
Gomez will face Casey in November.

United States Senate
Johnny Isakson- 77.45%, 442,732 votes*
Derrick Grayson- 11.99%, 68,530 votes
Mary Kay Baccallao-10.56%, 60,367 votes
Jim Barksdale- 53.86%, 163,220 votes* 
Cheryl Copeland- 42.04%, 127,398 votes
John F. Coyne III- 4.1%, 12,414 votes
*Isakson (incumbent) and Barksdale will face off in the November general election.

  MAY 24, 2016

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. 21-2-419 (d) (2), this notice is to post the status of the provisional ballot that was cast during the May 24, 2016 Presidential Preference Primary. This is official notice that your ballot was counted.

K. Bruce
P. Townsend
N. Williams

If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar's Office at 912.576.3245 or by email at