Qualifying Fees for 2020 Elections

Camden County Offices to be Filled in 2020

The following Camden County offices are to be filled by election in 2020; Board of Commissioners District 1, Board of Commissioners District 3, Board of Commissioners District 5, Board of Education District 1, Board of Education District 3, Board of Education District 5, Clerk of the Superior Court, Office of the Sheriff, Probate Judge, Tax Commissioner, Chief Magistrate, and County Coroner.

The qualifying fees shall be fixed at three percent (3%) of the annual base salary for the elected position as envisioned by O.C.G.A. § 21-2-131 (1) (A) and (8) as amended.

Qualifying Fees for 2020 Elections

Elected OfficeQualifying Fee
Board of Commissioners-District 1$306.00
Board of Commissioners-District 3$306.00
Board of Commissioners-District 5$306.00
Board of Education-District 1$108.00
Board of Education-District 3$108.00
Board of Education-District 5$108.00
Clerk of the Superior Court$1,894.94
Office of the Sheriff$2,270.25
Probate Judge$1,894.94
Tax Commissioner$1,894.94
Chief Magistrate$1,894.94
County Coroner$110.25

These elected officials’ qualifying fees are determined by the State of Georgia and not adjusted to reflect training supplements, cost of living, or longevity. Base salaries for fee purposes are based on the 2010 census, in which Camden County had an official census population of 50,513.

The Camden County Board of Commissioners approved a Resolution to Establish Qualifying Fees for the 2020 Elections (PDF) in December 2019.