Renewal Period

For Persons

Registrations expire on the vehicle owner / lessee birthday and must be renewed during the 30-day period preceding and ending on the owner / lessee birthday.

For Business

Registrations in the name of a business, corporation, or organization expire at the end of the business owner(s) designated registration month. Business registrations are staggered by month according to the first letter of the company name as shown on the registration application. Business owned vehicle registrations must be renewed during and no later than the end of the designated renewal month.

For Everyone

Registration renewal applications postmarked after the end of any registration period will accrue a 10% ad valorem penalty (minimum $5) and a 25% tag penalty (minimum $5).

Registering by mail offers time and money savings benefits and is strongly recommended.

Registrants needing assistance may contact us in person at 912-576-3248.