It’s easy for misinformation about Camden County and its operations to spread quickly, particularly on social media. We’re committed to responding to claims and providing accurate and timely information. It’s all too common for us to see a social media post or hear about a rumor that’s either outright false or missing context, and we’re committed to providing the accurate information to residents and businesses.

If you see a claim or information about Camden County and want to know if it's true or if you hear rumors in the community that you believe should be corrected, please feel free to contact us online

Statement from Chairman L. Ben Casey
Clarifying Misinformation About Agendas
Statement from the Camden County Board of Commissioners
  1. Board of Commissioners Meeting Agendas

    The Camden County Board of Commissioners, like all local governments, follow sets of rules when conducting business. Read on...
  2. Statement from the Camden County Board of Commissioners

    The Camden County Board of Commissioners is aware of a controversial video purportedly taken inside the Camden County Jail that was circulated on several news and social media outlets on November 11, 2022. Read on...
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