Jury Service

Jury service is a civic duty required by Georgia law [O.C.G.A. §15-12]. Trial Jurors will receive an expense allowance of $20.00 for each day of jury service. Grand Jurors will receive $25.00 per day. A work excuse will be printed on the stub of your check. If you report for service on a date that you are not called for, you will not receive payment.

Jury Attendance

Your attendance is required by law unless legally excused. Legal exemptions according to Georgia Code [O.C.G.A §15-12-1] are listed on the Jury Affidavit (PDF). To request a deferral or excusal, mail the completed and notarized affidavit to:
Clerk of Superior Court
PO Box 550
Woodbine, GA 31569

If your name is listed in the Tribune & Georgian newspaper to appear for trial jury duty and you did not receive a jury summons in the mail, please print and complete the Jury Summons form (PDF). Please mail the completed form to:
Clerk of Superior Court
PO Box 550
Woodbine, GA 31569

or email to: jury@co.camden.ga.us

Arrival for Jury Duty

All persons entering the Camden County Courthouse must pass through Security and may be subject to a personal search. Please do not bring purses, pagers, cell phones or weapons into the Courthouse. You may bring reading material to the Jury Assembly room, but it cannot be taken into the court room.

Professional attire is required for Jury Duty. Please see our Courtroom Attire & Etiquette standards for more information.

Please call (912) 576-5622 the evening before you are scheduled to report for further instructions or view the Jury Status Report.

Limitations on the Clerk's Office Under Georgia Code

Under O.C.G.A. §15-19-51 
By law, no legal advice may be given by any member of this office. At no time should statements made by office staff be considered any form of legal advice. Please seek a licensed attorney for legal assistance.

Jury Coordinator

  1. Brenda Amerson

    Senior Deputy Clerk

    Physical Address
    210 East 4th Street
    Woodbine, GA 31569

    Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 550
    Woodbine, GA  31569

    (912) 576-5631

    Fax: (912) 576-5648


    9 a.m. - 5 p.m.