Public Works

Roads and Bridges Division

The primary function of the Roads and Bridges Division is to maintain, repair, and drain paved and unpaved roads owned by Camden County. We also maintain traffic and safety signage along those roadways and maintains more than 4,000 drain culverts.

Capital Improvements

The primary function of the Capital Improvements Division is to oversee design and construction of new and renovated buildings owned by Camden County.

How Many Miles of Public Road are in Camden County?

Did you know?
  • There are 720 miles of public roads in the County
  • 180 miles are maintained by the City of Kingsland
  • 126 miles are maintained by Georgia Department of Transportation (I-95, Highway 17, Spur 25, Highway 40, Spur 40, and Highway 252)
  • 96 miles are maintained by the City of St. Marys
  • 18 miles are maintained by the City of Woodbine
  • 300 miles are maintained by the Camden County Roads and Bridges Division of which: 165 miles of public paved road and 131 miles of public unpaved roads
  1. Camden County Welcomes New Public Works Director

    Camden County Administrator, Steve Howard announced today that Mark Patrick, the County Engineer for the Newton County Board of Commissioners has been hired as the new Public Works Director for Camden County. Read on...
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