Program Participants

2016 Graduating Class


Balancing the Budget

Week 2 Gary Blount helping to balance the budget

Order in the Court

Order in the Court

2016 Graduating Class Pictured Left to Right: Commissioner Chairman Jimmy Starline, Cristle Bray, Brittany Jenkins, Julie Haigler, Carlie Prince, Ed Walker, Ann Walker, Matt Kircher, Amy Hendricks, Gary Straight, Janet Tebo, Jeff Tebo and County Administrator Steve Howard. Those unable to attend graduation and not photographed include Allen Giese; John Smith; Lori Buttich; Lynette & Marc Ruotola; Alethea Harris; and Kendrah Wilson


"I was surprised to learn about all the services a citizen can get at no charge." - Ed Walker

 "The most memorable was meeting the County Leaders and experiencing how they execute their duties day to day was very eye opening. The amount of information I learn was so good." - Allen Giese

 "The Citizens Academy was quite actually packed with interesting and useful information. Most noticeable to us was the genuine desire to do ones best and sense of accomplishment that each of the County's Directors, Elected and Appointed Officials, had for their positions." - Jeff & Janet Tebo

Graduating Class Fall 2015

Group Photo 2

Commissioner Clark




Pictured left to right: County Administrator, Steve Howard; David Silva, Sherri Silva; Melody; Sheila Meadows; Brandi Whitehouse; Wayne Greenberg; Dorthelia Boykin; Eddie Allen; Marie Boyett; Robert Wenum; CT Green; Bridget Wenum; Mandy Scott; Joy Cooper; Austin Burkett; Stephanie Brown; Commissioner Chuck Clark; Liz Nelson; Commissioner, Chairman Jimmy Starline; and Peggy Morton. (Not pictured Randi Kramer)


"I enjoyed everything about this class" - Unknown

"Thanks to you and your staff for a job well done" - Unknown

Graduating Class Winter 2015

Graduation Photo

Pictured from left to right: John Tyre, Barbara Jean Tyre, Gerald Howell, Dr. April Howell, Barbara Parkinson, Steve Walker, Kelly Gibson, Dan Riley, Ben Casey, Liz Johnsen, Ginger Readdick, Marjorie Howard, Steven Sainz, Diane Lustenader, Eddie Rhone, Carol Riley, Bob Lustenader, Rachel Baldwin, Commissioner Vice-Chair Chuck Clark, County Administrator Steve Howard, and Commissioner Chair Jimmy Starline


"What a great experience. We learned so many things, including what it's like to have such wonderful presenters and staff! You all exceeded our expectations in helping us get to know more about our county! Thank you for providing such a warm, informative, and fun environment for us!" ~ Dr. Howell, 2015

 " I have a better understanding of the workings of each department - planning, building, finance, solid waste, etc. I really feel we have a good administration for the first time in years. All the department heads seen to be caring and work well together." ~ Bobbie Tyre, 2015

 "I am very proud of our County Government staff. All are very service oriented, informed and willing to serve. I have taken the Sheriff's Citizen Class and both have increased my knowledge and appreciation for our county employees and what they do to grow and improve Camden County." Unknown 2015

Graduating Class 2010

Graduating Class 2010

Pictured from left to right: Terry Smith, Lee Decardenas, Jonathan Parker, Patti Ehrhardt, Glenn Marcel, Lissette Williams, Scott Alexander, Barbara Ann Scott, Bradley Eaton, and Michael Gordon

Graduate(s) not pictured: Jay Moreno & Katherine Nisi Zell


"Outstanding insight into the working of county government and programs with this "hands-on" approach to meeting and exploring government and top officials. The classes were well organized and set-up was wonderful. Great job by all involved. Thank you!" ~ Lee Decardenas, 2010

"I feel that I am so much more informed about the services and people that make Camden County work. Thank you!" ~ Patti Ehrhardt, 2010

Graduating Class 2009

Graduating Class 2009

Pictured from left to right, front row: Dori Brink, Kay Screws, Nelda Manning, Maryann Jacobs, Marty Klumpp, Mary Smith, and Steve Howard. Back row: David L. Rainer, Todd Tetterton, Doug Cooper, Ryyal Weaver, Freddy Howell, Charlie Smith, and Tim Ward.


“The Citizens’ Academy has been just great! This is something every citizen of Camden County should both know about and attend.” ~ Mary Smith, 2009

“The Citizens’ Academy was a very valuable experience. The professionalism, transparency and hospitality shown by the staff was impressive. What impressed me most was the staff’s commitment for their work and our community.” ~ Tim Ward, 2009

“Being a member of this class has made me a better citizen for Camden County. I now have a better understanding of our county government and the many departments and jobs that are performed on a daily basis.” ~ Kay Screws, 2009

"The Citizens’ Academy, between having the classes and actually going on extra field trips over to the jail, around the PSA parks, or out to the landfill, gave us a good look as far as the things that are happening in our County, where a lot of our money is going to, and what our employees out there are doing. It gives us a new appreciation for that. I believe all municipalities should have programs such as this. Residents need to know what the County is doing for them. It was a great program! I hope to see it continue on and improve each year. Between my classmates, we all had a good time and I definitely learned a lot!" ~ Royal Weaver, 2009