Voter Registration

Now Accepting Applications

Camden County Board of Elections and Registration

Qualifications for applicants include the following:

  • Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age;
  • Must be registered to vote in Camden County;
  • Must reside in the district they represent in Camden County, Georgia;
  • Knowledge of Federal, State, and Local election laws;
  • Ability to serve an initial 2 or 4-year term;
  • Ability to actively participate in the role of the Camden County Board of Elections and Registration;
  • Ability to attend monthly scheduled meetings;
  • Ability to travel to voting precincts before, during and after election(s);
  • Must be able to successfully complete the Georgia Election Official Certification Program and become certified in elections administration; and
  • No person who holds or qualifies as a candidate for elective public office shall be eligible to serve as a member of the board during the term of such office.

Learn more and apply online.  

Contact Deputy County Administrator Shawn Boatright at 912-510-4306 with any questions.

The Registrar's Office is responsible for:

  • Registering qualified citizens to vote.
  • Maintaining all voter records.
  • Providing verification of voters and voter information.
  • Assigning voters to appropriate Districts and Precincts.
  • Assisting with the training of Poll Officers.
  • Expediting all Absentee Voting.

Registration Information

In order to obtain:

  • Your Voter Status
  • Register to Vote
  • Update your current information
  • View the Polling Place Addresses

Please go online to the Georgia My Voter website. Sign in with your name, county, and date of birth.

The Voter Registrar's office is not responsible for keeping your information up-to-date. If a voter's information changes the voter is responsible for contacting the Voter Registrar's office and submitting those changes in writing, on a signed, state approved form (precinct cards, information update card or registration forms). This form can be found online.

In order to make sure your right to vote is protected, a voter may receive mail from the Voter Registrar's office. It is extremely important to respond!

Absentee & Early Voting

To obtain an absentee ballot for any election, please fill out the Absentee Ballot Request Form (PDF) and return it to the Voter Registrar's office. The Voter Registrar's office will mail ballots as soon as they are available to those that qualify to vote in the election.

Voters are asked to sign the request form, include your Full Name, Date of Birth, Current Phone Number, Street Address and Mailing Address (if different from your street address). An incomplete form can cause delay's in processing a voters request and getting a ballot to you.

The completed Absentee Request Form (PDF) can be faxed, mailed, or scanned and attached to an email to be returned to our office.

Please Note:

  • Completed Absentee Ballots can be returned to our office in 2 ways, mail or in-person delivery.
  • If voter cannot deliver their ballot to the Voter Registrar's office in person, please consider the mail as another next option.
  • Please do not attempt to Email or Fax ballot to the Voter Registrar's office.

For more information, please email or call 912-576-3245.

Board of Registrars Meetings

The Board of Registrars meets monthly, every 3rd Friday, at 9:30 a.m. on the first floor of the Government Services Building in Woodbine.