Evacuation Routes, Maps, and Information

Camden County Evacuation Map

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Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT)

To view updated traffic information, visit Georgia 511.

For more information on Travel Advisories or State Evacuation Routes, visit the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) website or dial 5-1-1 for travel information.

Evacuation Routes

Several factors make evacuation difficult for Camden County residents. Interstate 95 is usually congested with the flow of traffic coming out of Florida. As the first Georgia county along Interstate 95 northbound, many Florida storm evacuees tend to stop in Camden County. Some stop for gas and food, some stop for lodging and others get off the interstate looking for alternate routes. This additional traffic on local roadways makes our evacuation more congested.

Camden County's evacuations are also hindered by the limited number of routes leading out of the County. Because the majority of Camden's population base is in the southern portion of the County, most people will attempt to use Highway 40 as their route west. There are, however, several other routes that you can take north, south and west from Camden County.

Interstate 95 / Ga. 405

Runs north and south through Camden County and can be taken north into Glynn County and points beyond, and south into Florida.

Highway 40

Runs west from St. Marys into Charlton County.

Highway 17 / Ga. 25

Runs through Camden and can be taken north into Glynn County or south into Nassau County, Florida.

Highway 252

Runs west from White Oak into Charlton County.

Highway 259

Runs northwest from Tarboro into Brantley County.

Highway 110 North

Runs northwest from Waverly into Brantley County.

When choosing an evacuation route, consider these points:

  • Keep a road map in your car. GPS units only work when you have a specific destination to which you are traveling. They may not work as well when you have no set destination. You may also want to conserve cell phone battery power.
  • Traveling north or south out of the county may lead to less traveled secondary roads.
  • Secondary roads that may be lesser known, may also be less traveled.
  • Listen to radio information about possible road closures due to congestion or flooding.