Public Service Authority (PSA) Projects

Camden County Public Service Authority (PSA) Projects

Renovations, construction, extensions, and improvements of areas including, but not limited to:

ProjectsEstimated Costs
Recreation Center;$900,000
Kingsland Catfish Park;$65,000
Kingsland Lions Park;$65,000
Gum Shoe Trail;$50,000
Harrietts Bluff Park;$25,000
Howard Peeples Park;$150,000
Maple Ford Park;$10,000
Tarboro Mary B. Smart Park;$15,000
Temple Landing Boat Ramp;$50,000
St. Marys Recreation Park;$370,000
Woodbine Lions Club Park;$165,000
Other Park Improvements; and$245,000
Public Service Authority Equipment and Vehicles.

After deducting the Level Two project funding ($10,250,000.00), Public Service Authority (PSA) shall receive 7.27% of the net proceeds up to the first $47,000,000.00; estimated amount of $2,670,000.00. Thereafter, all funding shall cease from the 2019 SPLOST.