Public Protection & Compliance

The Public Protection and Compliance Office plans, coordinates and directs Camden County’s programs associated with fire/life safety, regulations, and compliance including but not limited to Animal Control, Code Enforcement, and Fire Prevention. 

Animal Control

Animal Control has three primary functions:

  1. Public Service - Animal Control Officers impound stray animals to prevent them from doing damage, or harming themselves or others.
  2. Education - Animal Control Officers work with the Humane Society and other agencies to establish standards for responsible pet ownership. They also educate the public through direct visits to schools, clubs, and civic organizations.
  3. Enforcement - Animal Control protects animal owners, non-owners, and animals in our community through state laws and local ordinances.

Animal Control is the first place you should call to report a stray or dangerous animal in your area.

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement involves ensuring the implementation of both the Unified Development Code and other Camden County Ordinances.

Fire Prevention

The Public Protection & Compliance Officer performs complex inspections and plan reviews in all types of commercial and residential occupancies to ensure they are compliance with Fire Code, ordinances and regulations as they pertain to the design, construction and installation of fire protection equipment & hazardous materials regulations. Additionally, the Public Protection & Compliance Officer inspects and tests fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, heat and smoke detection devices and other fire protection and control mechanisms in accordance with codes.

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